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(Type: Mixture of Pop and Gospel)

The "SUNDAY" Album CD is made up of ten songs of various styles. The main song promoted was "Just One Song". This song is a moving slow love song. The title song called "Sunday" was written by my father back in the 1930's. The song carries the feel of the last century during the earlier years.

My dad (J.J.) played a very strong lead trumpet in the Big Band Days.

The song named Mr. America was inspired by Marie Von Trappe of The Sound of Music movie fame. I attended a lecture by her as she was touring America and captured her message in the song. The CD was released to 2000 stations across America September 24, 1999 out of Fraternity in Cincinnati. Bill Wence promoted it out of Nashville, TN.

Download as an album of 10 songs for $10:

Download individual songs above for $1 each.
1. Jesus, My Heart Is Yours (Christian)
2. Mr. America (Von Trappe Message)
3. Love Is All I See (Love Song - Slow)
4. Just One Song (Love Song - Slow)
5. Sweet Jesus (Christian - Slow)
6. A New Song (Love Song - Slow)
7. Sunday (About Life)
8. You Got To Believe (Love Song)
9. Just Dreaming (Love Song - Slow)
10. Give Him Glory (Christian Rock)
Copyright and Published 1993, TRIROC ® Music Company / Joe Saint Michael ®
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Photograph by: Nick Barbato
Produced by: Joe Saint Michael ®
Written by: Joe Saint Michael ®

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