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This album was recorded in the TRIROC® studio during the summer of 1996. It was released that fall to most of the Country radio stations in the U.S.A. The songs "Friends" and "Revival" were re-recorded for this album in order to blend the style of arrangement with the other songs of the album. I played and arranged all the parts to the album. Since I also wrote eleven of the songs, you will find this album a strong reflection of my thoughts. I feel songwriters and artists tend to reveal a lot about themselves. Sometimes that is what it takes for a good song. A good song has to come from the heart I believe.

My cousin in Kentucky, Bobby R. Cox, was the writer of "Green Eyes Cry Too". Bobby has had many of his own songs chart. His greatest success so far was a song he wrote called "Fool By Your Side". It went to 3 on Billboard in the 1980's.

These are message songs that cover a wide area of topics.

Download as an album of 12 songs for $10:

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1. Put a Move On You (Christian)
2. Put on Cool (About Life)
3. The Coldest Night (About Life)
4. Straight To Her Heart (Love Song - Fast)
5. Long Gone (Love Song - Fast)
6. Friends
7. Revival (Christian)
8. Without You (Christian)
9. Green Eyes (Love Song - Country)
10. My Heartbeat (Love Song - Slow)
11. God Lovin' Music (Christian)
12. The ABC's (Christian)
Copyright and Published 1996, TRIROC ® Music Company / Joe Saint Michael ®
All Songs ASCAP

Photograph by: Nick Barbato
Produced by: Joe Saint Michael ®

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