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This is music containing my first two national releases. They both were recorded in Nashville during the summer of 1992. "REVIVAL" was released in 1992. "FRIENDS" was released in 1993. The two songs were recorded on Music Row in an all night session. My cousin, songrwriter Bobby Cox, was with me and we had a great time.

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Revival Friends
Released: Fall 1992

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A Special Thanks to:

Mike Waddell, Mick Lloyd, Jason Hawkins, Jeniffer Foxx, Staff and Management of Airplay International, Roy Haws, Bobby Cox (songwriter), All the D.J.'s giving airplay to "REVIVAL" And Other Independent Record Releases.
Released: Spring 1993
Recorded at: LSI Studios - Nashville, TN

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Mike Waddell: Executive Producer /
5 Star Production
Mick Lloyd: Advice; Final Mix
Ray Hudson: Producer
Nathan Smith: Engineer
Joe Saint Michael: Lead Vocal / Piano
Mike Chapman: Bass
Dino Zimmerman: Lead Guitar
Bubba Hudson: Guitar
Scott Saunders: Keyboard
Brian Barnett: Drums
Mason Cooper: Backup Vocals
Carrie Moore: Backup Vocals
Debbie Moore: Backup Vocals

Re-releases Copyright and Published 1992/1993, TRIROC ® Music Company / Joe Saint Michael ®
All Songs ASCAP

Photograph by: Nick Barbato
Written by: Joe Saint Michael ®

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