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(Type: Christian Rock)

This is a concept album. It begins before the creation of the earth, and ends just before the Christian millennium.

The album presents an overview of God's plan for man.

This album was meant to give an individual the highlights of Biblical truth in a musical delivery.

On October 20, 1998, I released this album to all the Christian radio stations in the United States of America. The album has received some good airplay and the song "Do This For Me" charted at 34 on the Midwest Country Gospel Christian Chart in January 1999.

It was promoted by Jennifer Foxx and her team out of Nashville, TN. Shad O'Shea released the album out of Cincinnati, OH.

Download as an album of 12 songs for $10:

Download individual songs above for $1 each.
1. Creation
2. A Secret
3. The Meaning
4. I Am
5. Do This For Me
6. The Law
7. Coming Again
8. The Signs
9. The Last Days
10. The Prophecy
11. Visions
12. Creation
Copyright and Published 1993, TRIROC ® Music Company / Joe Saint Michael ®
All Songs ASCAP

Photograph by: Nick Barbato
Produced by: Joe Saint Michael ®

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