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(Type: Christian Rock)

THE GOOD NEWS ALBUM is a collection of simple high energy songs that express information, attitudes, and all those things given in the Christian Bible.

The songs are meant to be related together in one joyous explosion of sound.

Download as an album of 12 songs for $10:

*No individual song downloads.
1. Good News
2. The Jesus Rally
3. I Pledge
4. My Joy Is Overflowing
5. We Shout
6. Healings Flow
7. God Is Our Refuge
8. Faith In God
9. Praise The Lord
10. Give And It Shall Be Given
11. We All Are One
12. Go And Make Disciples
"A" Series Copyright and Published 1993, TRIROC ® Music Company / Joe Saint Michael ®
All Songs ASCAP

Photograph by: Nick Barbato
Produced by: Joe Saint Michael ®

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