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This CD containing ten songs all deal with the theme of time. It has been released to about 700 Contemporary Christian and Adult Alternative radio stations in all 50 US states. At the same time, it has been digitally released on the internet. The release date was March 1, 2012.

Joe Saint Michael ®

Download as an album of 10 songs for $10:

Download individual songs above for $1 each.
1. Father Time
2. Outahere
3. Change
4. Hands of Time
5. The King
6. This is the Time
7. Praise God
8. Getting There
9. I Pray Now
10. Almost Time

Copyright and Published 2012, TRIROC ® Music Company / Joe Saint Michael ®
All Songs ASCAP

Photograph by: Ted Kinter
Produced by: Joe Saint Michael ®

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