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I am Joe Saint Michael®, the songwriter/musician for TRIROC® Music. I desire to encourage through the music I write. Since I am a "Christian that is a musician", rather than a "Christian musician", my songs cover a broad range of topics encountered in my life.

Joe Saint Michael ® My mom started me on piano at about the age of five. At nine, my dad taught me how to play trumpet. My interest grew and I began to sing and play some guitar. During this time I also found myself writing numerous songs that were expressing my thoughts and feelings.

All of these skills started coming together with the advent of new technology. I soon found myself with a personal studio. The equipment allowed me to produce finished solo products that no musician before this time could have ever imagined possible. I do not think this story is uncommon among the modern day musicians. Musicians all over the world are exploring the new freedoms given them with the new technology.

Most of the songs in this catalogue have been written and recorded, therefore, in my personal studio. I have always loved simplicity. It is not always easy to achieve simplicity. I have found a joy in combining numerous parts and joining them in a simplistic musical style.

I have also always tried to seek my individuality. I have found it easier to accomplish this in a personal studio. With the new technology, musicians are now able to experience what a painter must be feeling when the painter starts from scratch and using color after color, ends with a picture that only the painter alone could have drawn. The final results reflect the artist more than if various artists had jointly worked on the painting. I have found this also to be true in music. A musician can now add sound after sound and combine them all in a final symphony of sounds.

I feel there is a specialness in working individually just as there is a specialness in working with large numbers of individuals. Each has its own beauty and a time and place for its purpose.

May this music bring God's people together. May it bring His people homeward. I thank Him for music and even more, the music He has given me.

To God be the Glory
Joe Saint Michael ®

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JOE SAINT MICHAEL: Sunshine Of My Heart

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